Name Tylosaurus
Film Appearance(s) Fantasia
Segment The Rite of Spring
Role Neutral (Antagonistic to Pteranodons)
Allies Other Tylosaurus
Enemies Pteranodon
Fate Extinction
Personality Lazy
Home The Ocean
Weapons Teeth
Powerful Jaws
Gallery Tylosaurus Gallery

The Tylosaurus is a large species of Mosasaur from the Western Interior Sea of North America during the Late Cretaceous Period.

Role Edit

Several Tylosaurus appear swimming in the coastal ocean in a group, surfacing to gasp for air. Later on in the scene, one of the dinosaurs catches a Pteranodon by the head when it skims the water's surface while fishing.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tylosaurus found in Fantasia had spikes along its spine, while the real animal did not possess these features. However, scientists at the time had first thought that Tylosaurus had spines along that region. It was later discovered that they sported a smooth back.

Appearances Edit

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