Black Triangles
Black Triangles
Name Black Triangles
Film Appearance(s) Fantasia 2000
Segment Symphony No. 5
Role Antagonists
Allies Other Black Triangles
Enemies Colorful Triangles
Fate Shattered by the power of the son
Personality Lazy
Home The Sky
Weapons Flight
Gallery Black Triangles

The Black Triangles are the villains in the Symphony No. 5 segment of Fantasia 2000.

Role Edit

The Black Triangles are dark, abstract shapes resembling bats. They are the nemeses of the Colorful Triangles, and their goal is to take over the skies. In the end, however, they are shattered by the power of the sun.

Trivia Edit

  • The Black Triangles are animated to resembled bats.

Appearances Edit

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