Name Apatosaurus
Film Appearance(s) Fantasia
Segment The Rite of Spring
Role Neutral
Allies Other Apatosaurs
Enemies Ceratosaurus
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Fate Dies in mud
Personality Unknown
Home Prehistoric Earth
Weapons Unknown
Gallery Apatosaurus Gallery

The Apatosaurus (previously known as the Brotosaurus) is a dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic period.

Role Edit

A herd of Apatosaurs were first seen eating water grass. When the Tyrannosaurus Rex lunged for the herbivores, the Apatosaurs ran and watched the showdown with the Stegosaurus. It is then seen marching with the other dinosaurs during the drought. During the march, they become trapped in a muddy pit with Stegosaurs, and they die of heat, exhaustion, and dehydration, and they are attacked by desperately hungry Ceratosaurs.

Trivia Edit

  • The Apatosaurus shares many similarities to the Diplodocus: they are both sauropods, both are herbivores, and both lived during the Jurassic Period.

Appearances Edit

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